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A bustling metropolis. Vibrant, industrious and overflowing with superpowered heroes, villains and mayhem! Thanks to the epic and slightly bumbling machinations of the Diabolical Dr. Cronen, the CROSSWORLDS rift has formed in Riverside and it's strange powers open interdimensional gateways throughout the streets and alleyways of the city, drawing superpowered beings from across worlds, dimensions, space and even time! Some appear in the blink of an eye, battle on a street corner for an afternoon, then find themselves deposited back in their own timeline while others find themselves trapped in Riverside, battling baddies, rescuing bystanders and butting heads with other heroes.

In CROSSWORLDS, you control a carefully selected team of superheroes, action stars and metahumans as they face other teams across a wide variety of scenario types and adventures. Create your heroes, select your mission and save Riverside City! (Or create a team of supervillains and tear the city apart!) 

The creation of the CROSSWORLD Rift has scattered the mysterious substance known as Krontium throughout Riverside and not only does the strange substance hold great power and energy, it may be the secret to controlling the Rift itself! What better way to rule Riverside than by amassing Krontium and unleashing a wave of the multiverse's worst villains on your archenemies? 


Writers and Creators!

We are looking for contributors for the scenarios and adventures in Crossworlds! Be a part of the superhero madness - We’ve already contacted writers that have worked on Indie comics, RPGs, Board Games and sci-fi novels. We want YOU to join the team.

Work in progress Character Sheet

Work in progress Character Sheet

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Playing the game…

CrossWorlds is designed around a set of specific stats, similar to an RPG. In addition to the "Core Stats" -Intelligence, Charisma, Power, Agility, Focus and Speed, your hero also has stats for both mental and physical health, their Defense, size, movement, initiative and their selected powers. Your Core Stats use a tiered level of dice rolls (2 D4/D6/D8) for stat checks and when you first create your character these stats can be modified.

Stat checks are dependent on the situation and your character's condition and can be modified based on your special powers and abilities. For instance, a long range sniper shot would roll using your character's Agility and Focus stats, but a quick "from the hip" reaction shot would roll using Agility and Speed. Each die that lands on a 3 or higher counts as a "HIT" (Obviously making a D8 stat much more useful than a D4 stat) Depending on the powers, they can either affect your rolls with +/- modifiers, change what dice you roll or add dice to the check. Weapons and equipment can also alter results. All of this makes for a fun experience where heroes with similar powers will play completely differently based on their base stats and modifiers. More effective, stronger or outlandish powers also increase the "Hero Point" cost for a character, leaving less points to spend on his or her other members of the team. Because a lot of the scenarios are strategy based and not just dudes hitting other dudes, having a well balanced team of heroes can pay off. We have also capped the ability/powers available at 4 per character to make it easier to keep track of your team. (Though obviously, these rules are all very open to House Rules and you can make your personal heroes any way you'd like, as long as your opponents are on the same page.) 

To play the game, collectively you need at least one of each type of dice - D4, D6 and D8 (Though it would be ideal if each player had 2-3 of each type), a pen or pencil, a printed team stat sheet and the Core CrossWorlds book. You also need some minis, toys, icons or objects representing each of your heroes, a few objective markers and items to represent terrain - that can be as simple as a few boxes and a handful of change if you want to keep it really simple. 

Interested in what the Core Book will contain? Check out the Table of Contents here:

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