Deeply Dapper

Better Living Through Tentacles!

Welcome to the Dapper Scent Collectors Club!

Welcome fine fellows and ladies to the finest smelling Collectors Club in history! By joining our rarified ranks you are embarking on a journey through the senses, collecting fine fragrances, both lovely and loathsome in a quest to smell everything that is to offer from modern sciences and the twisted minds of Kris and Lindsay McClanahan, the Deeply Dapper Soapboilers and Alchemists!

Every time you select a new fragrance from our wide-ranging collection, you will be given a corresponding stamp of the scent for your book and as you collect more, you can win prizes! 

There are over 75 varieties of Strange and Unusual Scents available and the more you collect, the better the prize we bestow upon you, from buttons to metal signs... all the way up to your own custom designed exclusive scent creation!


  • 10 Scent Stamps:

    • The "I Smell Dapper" Pinback button collection
      • Contains 3 Exclusive 1.25" Pinback Buttons
      • ($5 Value)


  • 25 Scent Stamps:

    • Your choice of our Comic Size Metal Soap Signs!
      • Your choice of any of our available comic size Metal Prints
      • ($30 Value)


  • 50 Scent Stamps:

    • The Exclusive Grab Bag of Madness! 
      • A collection of products valued at over $50 including the elusive 75th Soap, only available in the Grab Bag of Madness!
      • ($50+ Value)


  • 75 Scent Stamps:

    • Your own Custom Designed Exclusive Scent and a 5x7" sketch commission from Kris McClanahan!
      • We work with you to design your dream soap, make three bars of soap or melter cubes of it exclusively for you and you receive a custom 5x7" sketch of your choosing!
      • ($150+ Value!)


All orders placed through our website, kickstarter or any purchase at shows will include stamps for each scent for free! The Collector's Club Book will be available for $5 or free with any purchase over $50.

"The truth isn't easily pinned to a page. In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap and much more difficult to find." ---Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

  • Important Fine Print:
    • Limit one of each level prize per Club Membership
    • Membership is free, but the Collectors Club book is $5 or free with any purchase of $50 or more. 
    • Books must be redeemed in person at a show
    • Books will be checked and initialed when redeemed
    • The stamps in the 2017 booklet and the Collectors Club Book CAN be combined when redeeming stamps
    • Deeply Dapper reserves the right to discontinue the program, change rules when needed or refuse membership at any time
    • Not all scents are available in all products at all time
    • Some rewards may need to be mailed