Van Gogh- Exploding Tardis

Van Gogh- Exploding Tardis

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A beautifully detailed print of the most useful police box around, as interpreted by Van Gogh on this useful key hook!

All of our key hooks are now available as a FULLY COMPLETED AND ASSEMBLED VERSION! No screwing in the hooks, painting, gluing or anything else, simply open the package, apply the included Command Strip to a clean surface and start keeping track of your keys in epic Deeply Dapper fashion.

At checkout, you can choose between the straight edged elbow hooks or the rounded cup hooks to be included with your order and we also package easy to use 3M COMMAND strips for easy hole-free hanging and directions for assembling and caring for your new key rack..

Please note that all plaques are entirely handmade, so some variations and small defects in the wood and laminates may occur.The plaque, handmade from reclaimed, irregular and second-use wood, measures 5"x7"

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