VINYL WRAPPED FLASK - Your Choice Of Design!


VINYL WRAPPED FLASK - Your Choice Of Design!

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Introducing a new line of durable Vinyl Wrapped Stainless Steel Flasks from Deeply Dapper!

We have many Flasks Available and while they will all be listed here as soon as we can, this listing is a great way to select your flask of choice and order. You can also view our full line, including photos of what is on the backs of the flasks in our Etsy Shop here:


  • Elvira

  • Mars Investigations

  • Charisma

  • Dark Mark

  • Ocula

  • I'm a drinker with writing problems Quote

  • Sherlock Wallpaper

  • Eye of Sauron

  • Of course I drink - I just said I was a writer Quote

  • That's what I do - I drink and I know things Quote

  • Castle Grayskull

  • Daryl Dixon

  • Punisher

  • Supernatural Impala

  • Bigger On The Inside

  • Van Gogh Tardis

  • Hellboy Aw Crap

  • Bat Boy

  • Sherlock Portrait

  • Vault 13

  • Dharma

  • Tyrion Portrait

  • Better Call Saul

  • Don't Open Dead Inside

  • Twin Peaks

  • Cthulhu Rises

  • Dr Who Logo

  • Skeksis

  • B is for Boomstick

  • NOT Approved by the Comics Code

  • Approved by the Comics Code


All featuring designs and artwork by Kristopher McClanahan, these 8oz flasks are quality tested, solid steel and ready to go on adventures! We use a high quality, outdoor vinyl with full color printing wrapped around the exterior with a slight overlap in the back for durability. The vinyl is fully coated in uv protection and is waterproof, scratch resistant, cushioning and even helps insulate the beverages within! 

Unlike many wrapped flasks, ours are permanently applied using no chemicals or glues to affect the drinking area and because we use the same type of vinyl that you see on billboards, signage and car wraps, it can handle warmth, cold and wet conditions. Note: because these are applied by hand there may be some slight variations in appearance from the image shown. 

- 8 Ounce: (4″ x 6″ x 1.25″)
• BUY MORE AND SAVE! Save $10 when you buy two Flasks
• Each flask will arrive in a black box with care instructions
• Our flasks are made to last. We use the highest quality, water-resistant vinyl on the market (the same material used on billboards and car wrapping)!
• Our flask vinyl is freezer-safe and waterproof.
• 100% handcrafted, featuring artwork and designs by Kristopher McClanahan. 
• All of the designs wrap completely around the flask and overlap in the back. The layout/positioning of the vinyl may vary slightly as each flask is a handmade, unique piece. We strive to make it perfect, though!
• Hand-wash (rinse) with mild soap and water only.
• Our brand new stainless steel flasks have been individually leak tested for quality assurance.

• If you are a brick-and-mortar store, contact us for a WHOLESALE order.
• If you are an artist and would like your own flasks to sell, feel free to contact me!
• If you would like a bulk order, or custom flasks for groomsman gifts or the like, we can do that too!

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