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3D Episode 11 - Holy MEH Trailer, Batman!

Deeply Dapper Dispatches Episode 011 - Thom and I debate the merits of the Batman VS Superman Movie Trailer and Get more enthusiastic about the Captain America Trailer. We also discuss - Star Wars - Old Man Palates - Whiskey - The Mainstreaming of Geek Culture - Christmas Toys and Traditions and our favorite Christmas Toys as kids.

Our hosts this week: Kris & Thom


Deeply Dapper Dispatches is a podcast about my travels to assorted cons across the western US as a con artist behind the table at Comic Cons, Board Game Conventions, RPG Tournaments, Anime Cons, Horror Conventions and pretty much anywhere they'll let me hunker down in an alley and sell. I also get together with my friends to drink a few beers and cover some geeky news, book reviews, movie reviews and recommends and whatever strikes my fancy.  

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