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3D Week 24 - Dispatches - Recombobulated Vampires!

3D Week 24 - DISPATCHES - On this week's hard alcohol episode of 3D, Devon and Kris tackle Invisible Man with Johnny Depp, Horror Video Games on Kickstarter, we tell you whether a vampire could survive a nuclear blast and whether holy water expires and give our spoiler free reviews of THE BOY, X-Files and The Muppets

Our hosts this week: Kris and Devon!

This is the first installment of the week, the "Dispatches" portion of 3D, where we discuss news, interesting topics and stay spoiler free. Join us on Saturday for the second installment of the week - our spoilertastic "Reviews" episode!

Deeply Dapper Dispatches is a podcast about kids from the 80's that grew into hairy horror hounds and fans of sci-fi, retro gaming, comics and geeky stuff like that. Each week we sum up the Nerd News, drink a few beers and review Horror movies, books, video games and everything else we dig. 3D also chronicles my travels to assorted cons across the western US as a con artist behind the table at Comic Cons, Board Game Conventions, RPG Tournaments, Anime Cons, Horror Conventions and pretty much anywhere they'll let me hunker down in an alley and sell. I also get together with my friends to drink a few beers and cover some geeky news, book reviews, movie reviews and recommends and whatever strikes my fancy.

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3D Week 24 - The Reviews - The BOY - X-Files - The Muppets

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