The 2018 PIN MANIAC Mystery Club!

The 2018 PIN MANIAC Mystery Club!


Welcome to our first mystery club for Enamel Pins!

If you are a fan of our designs and releases and can't bear the thought of missing out on our pins, this is the perfect club for you! About once a month, we will send you a package including EVERY single pin we made and released that month along with some extra fun goodies and surprises! That means every variant, color option and even any convention or patreon exclusive pins we make. We have already plotted out most of the year in pins and have artwork on a few ready to go. For the last year we've released pins with a combination of Kickstarter projects and website releases and 2018 will be the same, but MORE PINS!

If you join the Pin Maniac Mystery Club, we can guarantee that you will receive at least 30 releases, though it may be anywhere between 30-50 pin designs depending on Kickstarter results and whether I get a great idea for a pin that I don't have planned yet. This includes any deluxe moving pins, glow in the dark versions, collaborations or remakes of sold-out designs as well. 


  • 10-12 Monthly packages of goodies (Starting in Whatever Month you would like) 
  • At least 30 new enamel pins
  • Membership Card
  • An introductory grab bag of 2017 releases and surprises
  • Stickers/Candy/Fun in each shipment
  • Pin Maniac Vinyl Decal
  • Exclusive Discount Code
  • Shipping is included in the price (US Only)
  • Show your card at any of our convention appearances to get a free Mystery Gift at the show!

In addition to our annual Krampus and Cthulhu Christmas Collection, we have some great pins planned including some potential designs of original work and movie favorites like.... More Sideshow, Vintage Halloween, Labyrinth, Sci-Fi Television, Jim Henson, Predator, Wunderkammers, Bats, Kaiju, Gremlins, Goblins, Ghosts and Slashers! 

ACT FAST - this Club only has room for FIVE MANIACS! 

Only available to US residents. Package frequency may fluctuate depending on arrival time for the pin designs, but should be sent out every 3-6 weeks. 

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