Backers-Only Candles and Wax Melter Cube Bars

Backers-Only Candles and Wax Melter Cube Bars

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ENIGMATIC: A lush, warm summer woods. Hints of spices and cinnamon surrounded in a glade of pine, aspen, fir, oakmoss, apple peel and leather.

ABOMINABLE: An icy winter woods - bergamot, sweet citrus, winter lilies, vetiver, maple, spruce and a touch of mint.

GRUSS VOM KRAMPUS: NEW FOR THIS KICKSTARTER- This is a rich, warm scent. Base notes of Sandalwood, Birch, Cedar and Oak transition to amber, cinnamon, green herbs, nutmeg and a touch of florals.

ELDRITCH HOLIDAYS: A twist on one of our first ever scents, Cthulhu, ELDRITCH HOLIDAYS is a green, slightly spicy and sweet scent. Ivy, fern, lilac, moss, a touch of vanilla and buttercream, candy cane mint and warm white chocolate make for a truly unique scent

One Candle tin or two 3oz bars of handmade, custom designed scented wax. 

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