Bizarre & Wonderful Handcrafted Beard Oil

Bizarre & Wonderful Handcrafted Beard Oil

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Our line of bestselling Beard Oil, previously only found at our Comic Con appearances and selected barber shops is now available in our online stores as well!

Choose from SIX Options:

  • THE GHOST SHIP - Sometimes you don't want any fragrance to distract from your cologne of choice, or you like an unscented oil - The Ghost Ship is your choice - only the slightly sweet hint of scent from the base oils remains in this ghostly blend.

  • CHARISMA - A charming, more modern scent, CHARISMA contains notes of lime, pear, pepper, cool cucumber, clove and water.

  • GEAR GREASE - Inspired by the machine shop of my brother in law, this scent is a genuine surprise - hints of black leather, thick grease and sweet honey.

  • MUSTACHE is the scent of a 30's barber shop - complex and old-fashioned, it features hints of aftershave, leather, pine, mint and orange.

  • ABOMINABLE is a fresh wintery woods scent with Balsam, Pine, Cedar, Plum and Aspen.

  • Grognard is a mix of Egyptian Musk, spices, and a hint of vanilla.

All of our BEARD OILs are made in small batches by Kris with a custom formula of oils designed to moisturize and condition your beard hair and the skin beneath. They all feature custom fragrance blends, made from the finest fragrance and essential oils to compliment our matching soaps. For the ultimate in durability and light protection, we package all of our oils in 2 oz. stainless steel, leak tested flasks - they have a mouth just the right size for dispensing the small amount of oil needed to moisturize your facial hair in the palm of your hand or onto fingertips. Our flasks are labeled with high quality, wet-set vinyl that is waterproof and durable, so you can use our oils anywhere - on the road, in the shower, camping... 

In addition to fragrances, our oils feature an exclusive blend of Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Avocado, E and Olive oils. Made with an eye towards moisturizing this slightly thicker blend also adds a bit of subtle styling aid. All of our beard oils are MADE TO ORDER, fresh to you.

NOTE - If you would like a custom blend omitting any of the base oils - no almond oil for allergies, etc, let us know - we would be happy to oblige!

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