From the Depths!!! Soaps

From the Depths!!! Soaps

from 7.00

During this special sale event, you can order any of our current AND retired scents listed below.

NOTE: Orders will be made at the end of the event and ship by the end of August. From The Depths will last until July 13, 2019 and will be a biannual sale - Our next From the Depths event will be in November.

Available Scents:
-221b [cucumber, tweed, tobacco and woods]

-Abominable [icy mountain woods]

-A Soap Of Ice And Fire [cinnamon, smoke & mint]

-All Nighter [energy drink]

-Autumn Leaves [fall leaves and spices]

-Bacon [smoky cooked bacon]

-Beef Jerky


-Blue Milk [bantha milk]

-Blue Rasberry Slushie

-Brass and Lace [vanilla honey and chai]

-Buns [Cinnamon buns]

-Budget Tapes And Records [used record store]

-Cake is a Lie [carrot cake and frosting]

-Camp Crystal Lake [musky lakeside cabin]

-Candy Cane

-Candy Hearts [sweet and tart valentine candy]

-Cheesy Movie [cheese popcorn]

-Clean Me Up, Scotty [Old fashioned – ivy and mint]

-Corset Cleanser [strawberry, egyptian musk, rose]

-Creeper Clean [green apple & gunpowder]

-Cthulhu [a green scent]

-Dagon Lovecraft [herbs, amber, fennel, anise, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and orange]

-Damn Fine Coffee [coffee and a hint of mocha]

Our dice soaps all have actual dice embedded inside the soap:

-DICE SOAP-Area of Effect [spiced plum and honey]

-DICE SOAP-Bar Of Cleaning [milk and honey]

-DICE SOAP-CHA (Charisma) [charming clean scent]

-DICE SOAP-Cure Light Wounds [old fashioned ointment]

-DICE SOAP-Critical Hit [white chocolate and musk]

-DICE SOAP-Grognard Scrub [vanilla musk]

-Doctor Who [Dr. Pepper]

-Dreams [lavender vanilla martini]

-Dude [white Russian]

-Elderthing Lovecraft [Wisteria, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Menthol]

-Enegmatic [apple peel, hardwoods and spice]

-Everything’s Shiny [sweet strawberries and leather]

-Fire Flower [orange blossom and chili pepper]

-Forever [peachy grass and spice]

-Fresh Cut Grass

-Gamer Fuel [Mt. Dew]

-Gear Grease [dark oil and honey]

-GrossBusters [big apple and marshmallow]

-Groovy [cedar musk and spices]

Our house soaps are based on where the house’s common rooms are in the castle of a certain famous wizarding school.

-HP House Soaps - Wisdom [in the tower – airy and cool, floral hints]

-HP House Soaps – Ambition [in the basement – cool and green]

-HP House Soaps – Bravery [warm and cozy, fruits and spices]

-HP House Soaps – Loyalty [by the kitchens – popcorn, honey, cotton candy]

-Hero [fruits and sweet pine]

-Hound Repellent [smoke and char]

-Hot Cocoa

-I Love Me Some Pie [strawberry rhubarb pie]

-INFATUATE! [rose based with sweet alien scents]

-Jules Verne [adventure! Ivy, cedar, oak, soil, brass]

-Kraken's Old Fashioned Root Beer

-Live Deliciously [sage, elderberries & butter]

-Make It Soap [Earl Grey tea with actual tea in the bar]

-Midnight Snack-[nacho cheese chips]

-Mostly Dead [chocolate surrounding herbal bases]

-Mustache [a 1920’s barber shop]

-Nargle Repellent [mistletoe plum]

-Necronomicon [old books bound in leather]

-Never Nude [freshly showered blue jeans]

-Never Say Die! [adventure! Ivy, cedar, oak, soil, brass]

-Nuka Cola [old school soda shop cola]

-Obsidian [Hawaian citrus and musk]

-Peachy [Princess approved fresh peach]

-Pokemon Instinct [Banana Taffy]

-Pokemon Mystic [Blue Rasberry and Mint]

-Pokemon Valor [summer fruit slushie]

-Red Shirt [an alien mix of fruits and spices]

-Reticulated Splines [grilled cheese sandwich]

-Robot Fuel [high test gasoline and oil with a hint of floral]

-Romulan Ale [sparkling anise liquor with vanilla]

-Shiver [a Transylvanian blend of Cherry, Almond, Amaretto and leather]

-Silver Moon [deluxe zeppelin with warm library tones]

-Sleeveless [Manly zombie fighter scented]

-Something Strange [autumn notes and pumpkin]

-Sorting Hat [tart lemon candy]

-Tiger’s Blood [sweet strawberry and coconut]

-Turtle Power [Cheesy Pizza]

-Upside Down [creepy mix of maple and musk]

-Underground Lair [dirt, gas, oil, mud, mustiness]

-Vampire Repellent [garlic – STRONG!]

-WASH [blood orange and spice]

-Wash Your Hans [Roguish spices and coconut]


-What’s This? [musky but fresh Christmas]

-White Washers [mint, menthol, vanilla, spearmint]

-You Have Died Of Dysentery [Oregon Trail]

-Zombie [dirt, rain and a hint of flesh]

Soaps: Approx. 3oz bar of handmade, custom designed soap. All of our soaps are made with goat milk and designed to be moisturizing with a good lather.

Waxes and Candles: A custom Soy wax blend. Wax melts are 3oz clamshell break-bar packages and the candles are in a 7.2oz tin.

Special attention is paid to the scent blends - we are dedicated to bringing you a scent experience with every bar.

All large orders are sent via Priority Mail.

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