Nargle Repellent

Nargle Repellent


Are your shoes, clothing or important papers going missing mysteriously? Does it feel like you're forever losing things? You may be the victim of Nargles! These mischievous sprites live for stealing and hiding your stuff.

But there's a solution! Deeply Dapper's handmade soap now comes in Nargle Repellent scent!

A subtle and warm blend of Mistletoe, French Verbena, Sandalwood, Butterbeer Cork, Iris, Violet and a touch of Plum, this soap smells wonderful to wizards and muggles alike but sends those annoying Nargles back to the mistletoe where they belong.

As seen at comic cons across the United States - these are the original Geeky Scents from DEEPLY DAPPER!

Approx. 3oz bar of handmade, custom designed soap. All of our soaps are made with goat milk and designed to be moisturizing with a good lather. Special attention is paid to the scent of the soap - we are dedicated to bringing you a scent experience with every bar.

New for 2018 our scents are also available as high quality wax melter cubes!

They are packaged in a plastic clamshell with the art on the front and are great for traveling, gifts and special inserts in stockings baskets and present exchanges!

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