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3D Episode 60 - Show Notes and Timestamps - Doctor Strange and Doctor Mordrid Reviews

Guess what! We have two, count 'em TWO magic modern sorcerer movies on review this week! We review DOCTOR STRANGE, which we watched on the super BigD 3D screen in the theater and DOCTOR MORDRID from 1992, which we watched on significantly smaller, non 3D screens. Which one did we like better? Which one had a stop motion Tyrannosaurus Skeleton eating a guard? Which one had an unnecessary animated comedy relief sidekick? Which one had Jeffery Combs waving Jazz Hand Lightning bolts?

The answers may surprise you! 

We also drink beer, cover recents deaths that continue to make 2016 suck, new trailers and more! Another classic episode of 3D. Naturally! Or... supernaturally!

Oh, and there's a few odd audio glitches here - and I MAY have forgotten to go back in and add a time stamp for skipping the spoilers.... It's 1 hour, 29 minutes. And my dog Horks up a demon at one point. Because we are the pinnacle of podcasting fidelity! 

Found below are our timestamps for the assorted segments, some comments, links, videos and more fun stuff. As always, you can stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunesStitcher and Google Play!



  • 00:00 - Opening and intro

  • 02:00 - DRINK CHECK!

    • Drink of the week - Velvet Merlin Oatmeal Stout

      • We chose this for obvious reasons - Merlin! And Dr. Strange's velvety cape! It was an okay beer - a little generic. 


  • 06:11 - NEWS!

    • We discuss the deaths of Leonard Cohen, John Zacherle and Robert Vaughn. New Trailers - Rogue 1, Valerian and Ice Cream Truck, new Stranger Things casting news, a Joe Dante directed Roger Corman Biopic and more! 


  • 36:00 - DRINK CHECK #2

    • Drink Of The Week - Elysian Dark Of The Moon Stout
      • We liked this beer - it was complex and interesting, though the werewolf on the label may have swayed us towards the favorable. It was a little too heavy on the cinnamon however.



    • DOCTOR MORDRID (1992)

      • No spoilers for this B-movie feast - well, there may be some, but it won't actually spoil anything. This flick was rated on the B-Movie Scale.
        • Kris 7/8
        • Devon 7/8
        • This was a fun throwback movie. Originally written and designed to be an actual Doctor Strange movie, Full Moon lost the license and retooled it into a quintessential 90's movie complete with Jeffrey Combs, Brian Thompson, boobs and sweet animated magic! We liked this romp a lot. Because it was really fun and cheesy. We watched this on the FULL MOON CHANNEL on Amazon Prime.


  • 58:00 - THE MAIN REVIEW! 

    • DOCTOR STRANGE (2016)

      • Spoiler Free Ratings:
        • Kris - 6/8 in 3D, 5/8 non-3D
        • Devon - 5/8
    • Unfortunately, while we found this movie entertaining, it wasn't on the level with a lot of other Marvel releases and fell flat in a few places - we can say this: if you can see it in 3D, that is the absolute best way to watch the movie. Great acting, mostly amazing effects, let down by aimless directing and writing.
    • 1:02:00 - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS!


That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way! 


Want to reach out a slimy tentacle and talk to us? You can! We love hearing from listeners and we'll read your feedback on the show - correct us, tell us why we are awesome, or recommend some new (Or old) horror for us to experience!



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3D Episode 59 - Show Notes and Timestamps - Con Reports and Samm Todd Interview