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Deeply Dapper Dispatches Episode Sneak Peek, Kickstarter and Robot Kraken Updates!

Once again, sorry about the missing episode last week - I have been doing a lot of cons and traveling and between that, Devon's school schedule and my Con Crud/Purple Plague I picked up, our plans fell apart, were stomped on, then tossed to the pigs. But we are back now! I only have a couple of shows left this season and we have some fun stuff planned, as well as some great things in the works - new segments, interviews, contests and more! 

A huge thanks goes out to everyone that supports the podcasts and spreads the word - thank you so much - and yes, that includes giving me crap when I'm late posting the latest episode! :) 

COMING UP! - Tomorrow's episode will be a unique one- It's a solo recording with me, reviewing my experiences at Sinister Creature Con and FearCon as well as my interview with Trick r' Treat star SAMM TODD! I had the opportunity to sit down with Samm at Sinister Creature Con and discuss the film, her upcoming plans and what she knows about Trick r' Treat 2! 

RELEASE THE ROBOT KRAKEN! - Yeah, this one's coming back too! Robot Kraken's hiatus is almost at an end! I'll be recording and releasing my review/recap of Rocky Mountain Con on Robot Kraken soon and next week Thom and I will once again crack open the Kraken Rum and start talking about art, geeky news and reviewing movies!

KICKSTARTER! We did it! Our Christmas Kickstarter was a huge success! We had modest goals for our first KS and thanks to you all, we did better than we'd expected, ending at just over $1,000! Look for more updates on that here soon, including where we are in the process, our evaluation of what worked and didn't and links to where you can get in on the goods if you didn't pledge during the campaign.  

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