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Deeply Dapper Dispatches #62 - Show Notes and Timestamps - NEON DEMON and BLOOD RAGE

A vaguely holiday themed episode this week! Slashers, psycho-horror models, Beer and more! Lets dive right into it.... (He says, knowing this is posting late because the dog literally ate the time stamps...)

Found below are our timestamps for the assorted segments, some comments, links, videos and more fun stuff. As always, you can stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunesStitcher and Google Play!


  • 0:00 - Opening and Intro

  • 6:30 - Drink Check!

    • Drink of the Week: Saranac Pumpkin Ale

      • This was nice beer - mostly pumpkin spice, but it had a great flavor.

  • 17:02 - Prime Screaming Review!


      • We both enjoyed this movie MUCH more than we'd expected. It's a movie that takes place on Thanksgiving, though the holiday doesn't have a LOT to do with it. Traditional slasher with some nice twists and a really surprisingly solid soundtrack. We watched this on SHUDDER.

  • 28:32 - The Non-Spoiler Review!


      • Like all of Refn's films that we've seen, Neon Demon is gorgeous, easy to talk about but even better if you've seen it first, but here's our spoiler free take. Neon Demon is on Amazon Prime now.

  • 33:33 - Here There Be Spoilers!

    • Past this point, there will be spoilers for Neon Demon. SO listen at yer own risk, laddie!

  • 52:00 - Pick Of The Pod!

    • Kris: My new TV

    • Devon: The video game SLAIN

That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way! 


Want to reach out a slimy tentacle and talk to us? You can! We love hearing from listeners and we'll read your feedback on the show - correct us, tell us why we are awesome, or recommend some new (Or old) horror for us to experience!



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