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Deeply Dapper Dispatches Episode 69: Show Notes and Timestamps - Puppet Master Movie Marathon Part Two

Another episode recorded with us sacked out on the couch in the Dungeon Theater, binging killer puppets - so there's no drink check, or news, or anything else really - just a blow by blow take on three more movies in the PUPPET MASTER movie series. 

For this installment we suffered through PUPPET MASTER 4, 5 & 6, and honestly, I forgot to write down time stamps when I was editing this episode, but it's an hour long, and it's all puppets and bad movies, so dive into the whole thing! 

That's right - no time stamps! Bwahahahahaha! 

Oh, and we watched all of these PRIME SCREAMING through the FULL MOON CHANNEL on  Amazon Prime, which is also available separately HERE

As always, you can stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunesStitcher and Google Play!

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