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Robot Kraken Episode 27: Show Notes and Timestamps - January Episode

Holy sweet Wookies, Robot Kraken is back! After an extended break, Thom and I realized that our old format - weekly news, shop talk, movie reviews, lots of discussions, etc wasn't really sustainable and decided to shift our recording to a longer format monthly show - We feel like this will give us a better chance to really dive deep into subjects, discuss more art and art technique and go off the third rails about movies and stuff. 

Translation - A long, monthly podcast recorded over multiple sessions compiled into one show of awesomeness! Thom is also working towards getting the shows posted on YouTube and here, true believers are the time stamps for our first Death Star-sized episode! (it's important to note that these were made by Thom - if you have problems, complain to him. hahaha)

As always, you can stream the episode by clicking the button above or HERE and subscribe, listen and rate us on iTunes too!


Sucking the Monkey:

01:30 [Kris: Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale; Thom: Petris Oud Bruin]

#garageofficeproblems: 04:20

Changes to the Podcast, Introduction: 6:00

Kris is a poorly made host: 15:00

The Shipyard!

Thom: Creating art prints, a new website, and tabling at APE: 16:00

Kris: Thoughts on the first Deeply Dapper Kickstarter, plus market woes: 35:00

Wassail What Now?: 54:00

Copics and Kopicks, Details, Architecture, Superboy Punches: 62:00

Shout outs, or shouts out, to longtime TRDL pals Jason Cheeseman-Meyer and Darren Taylor: 71:00

Poseurs with Poser: 74:00

Thom doesn’t want to offend anyone / Everyone at the con deserves a medal!: 80:00

Reminder: The TRDL Art Jam (this month: sorcerers and magic, Wolverine [X-23], Captain America, and Flash): 83:00

Planned Plundering

(with a bonus micro-review of Strange Beasts and Where to Find Them): 90:00

Sponsor Break:!: 110:00

Sucking the Monkey Part 2:

116:00 [Kris: Doc Ock; Thom: Old Timber cocktail]

Kraken Review:

Rogue One 121:00

Begin Spoilers: 129:00

End Spoilers: 213:00 ; Star Wars Comics, Red Tentacle Moments

Summation, Plans for 2017: 216:00

That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way, including a link to the show on YouTube! 

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