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Deeply Dapper Dispatches Episode 67: Show Notes and Timestamps - PUPPETMASTER Marathon Part One

This was a fun episode! Devon and I headed into the depths of Dungeon Theater to watch the first of our PUPPET MASTER marathons! We'd originally planned to try and watch all of the films in two death and puppet filled days, but realized that we actually want to enjoy the movies and not turn it into an endurance test, so instead we are breaking it up into three or four chunks. This week we watched the first three films - PUPPETMASTER, PUPPETMASTER II and PUPPETMASTER 3 - TOULON'S REVENGE. The Chronology for the PM films is all over the place and #3 is actually a prequel to the original two, and as we delve deeper into the series it gets even more all over the place. I'd only seen the first and it was long enough ago that I'd forgotten nearly all of it. We watched all of the movies as PRIME SCREAMING on Full Moon's channel on Amazon Prime, which is also available separately HERE! A note - we recorded this episode differently - there's no real news, no drink check and instead of sitting down in the "Studio" to record, we recorded our thoughts on the couch immediately following each movie, with special appearances from my rambunctious puppy, Ursa. 

Found below are our timestamps for the assorted segments, some comments, links, videos and more fun stuff. As always, you can stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunesStitcher and Google Play!


  • 00:00 - OPENING & INTRO

  • 07:30 - PUPPETMASTER

    • I really enjoyed this installment - the stop motion was solid, the location was atmospheric and though it suffered a bit from a Stephen King-esque vibe of weird gifted friends with a secret gathering together, once the puppets started killing, it was all good. 

    • Ugh... This was NOT GOOD. Supposedly taking place in the same building, this movie had no atmosphere, unappealing actors, the puppets got screen time in the wrong ways, though they were still the highlights. Luckily it could also be completely skipped in the future without hurting the chronology as we've seen it so far...

    • ow this was a fun installment - taking place in Nazi Germany and dispensing with most of the established historical timeline from the previous films, #3 focuses on the Puppetmaster himself as he gets revenge on Nazis with his puppet buddies. What isn't to like about that? And the supporting cast is all strong. 
  • 49:00 - PICK OF THE POD

    • Despite the loose format of this week's recording, we each had a Pick - Devon chose the video game OXEN FREE and I picked the board game PANDEMIC: RISE OF CTHULHU

Tune in next week for the next 2-4 films in the PUPPETMASTER series and follow us on Twitter, facebook and Instagram - we are thinking of live-streaming the next few marathons on one of the sites! 

That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way! 

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