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OCULA UPDATES and Upcoming Projects!

Hey everyone! We just wanted to post a quick update about our current Kickstarter Project, OCULA, The Vampire Eyeball Enamel Pin and our other current projects we have going!

Regarding Ocula - We have 6 days left in the project and we're 440% funded! We've contacted the manufacturer and started final layouts on the designs, up above you can see the custom backing cards we've made for OCULA, and we are almost at the end!

We are also just a few hundred dollars away from hitting our first stretch goal, so if you know anyone that might be interested in the pin, please SHARE the project! Also, anyone that pledged for the 2-pin reward or higher gets a FREE NOSFERATU EDITION OCULA if we hit our stretch goal! You can copy and paste THIS LINK: to share, or point people to our website, where we have links to the project!

To that end, we have also assessed our remaining stock of the rest of our pin designs and decided we have the inventory to unlock 3 more Master Optometrist Reward Levels for anyone interested in a collection of every pin we've made! This will be the last time we will have the inventory to offer all of the designs and color variations in a discounted deal like this.

FUTURE DESIGNS! So what's next for Deeply Dapper after Ocula invades our little town? I don't have the preliminary art ready yet, but the CIRCUS is coming! Not only will our next Kickstarter focus on classic circus imagery, specifically sideshow advertising, but it's the first multi-pin collection we've done and the first in a series of projects with the sideshow in mind. We will also feature color variations, fun stretch goals and a SHORTER CAMPAIGN DURATION! I'm so excited about some of these! :) We are also collaborating with other artists on a themed collection of pins for later in the year.



Want to get in on the behind the scenes stuff and help support our lives as independent artists and creators? We have just launched a new PATREON PAGE! Not only will it give you access to our podcast goodies, exclusive T-shirts, patches and pins, but you'll get the chance to see our preliminary pin designs and vote on upcoming pins!

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm for our creations. Lindsay and I do this full time and it's not always easy. (In fact it rarely is) But it's always so inspiring and energizing to do a project like our cute little vampire eyeball or our previous projects and see people love him.


Kris & Lindsay

Deeply Dapper - Better Living Through Tentacles

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