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3D PODCASKET Episode 80 - Show Notes and Time Stamps

3D PODCASKET Episode 80 - Show Notes and Time Stamps

The 3D PODCASKET is back for a full episode this week! We watch THE GREASY STRANGLER for our Prime Screaming segment, discuss the first 5 episodes of the new MST3K series, news and more! NOTE: Due to the adult and somewhat... unusual subject matter of the Greasy Strangler, this episode is a little more NSFW than usual.

Below are our timestamps for the assorted segments, some comments, links, videos and more fun stuff. 

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  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 1:55 - Drink Check!
    • Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale
    • Woodland Empire Big Sticky
      • We each got a beer this week, courtesy of Devon - one all hoppy like he likes and one all malty like I prefer.
  • 8:48 - THIS JUST IN!
    • Our news segment is finally back and we cover Thor, Blood Drive, Labyrinth Sequels, Bonehill Road, Grasshopper Jungle, the F13 video game, Reanimator and more!
    • The Greasy Strangler!
      • We liked this a lot - in it's own special way.
      • Kris - 7/8
      • Devon - 8/8
  • 1:06:00 - THE REVIEW!
    • MST3K - The Return
      • We discuss and sort of review the first 5 episodes of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival, but never actually rate anything.
  • 1:21:00 - Upcoming shows and misc
    • We babble off topic for a bit.
  • 1:24:00 - PICK OF THE POD!
    • Devon - The new Raveonettes Album
    • Kris - Legion and Fargo
  • Closing and Contact Information!

We'll See You Next Wednesday!

That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way! 





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