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Updates on the Podcast, Appearances Kickstarters and more!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take a couple of seconds to update you all on everything I have going on right now. I'm in the middle of doing 12 shows in 13 weeks and things have been more than hectic - with drive time added, I'm rarely home more than 50 hours before leaving again for the next show, so a few things have gotten a bit behind and other things are progressing, but I've been too busy to update them! So here's some of that, in quick bullet format:

  • Comic Con Appearances
    • Here's a list of the next few places you can find Deeply Dapper and me! 
      • May 19-21 – Mad Monster Party AZ – With Devon! - Scottsdale, AZ
      • May 25-28 – Phoenix Comic Con – With Devon! - Phoenix, AZ
      • June 10-11 – Sinister Creature Con – Stockton, CA
      • June 16-18 – Wizard World Sacramento – With Thom! - Sacramento, CA
      • June 24-25 – Heroes & Villains Portland – With Thom! - Portland, OR
      • June 30-July 2 – Denver Comic Con – Denver, CO
      • July 7-9 – Treasure Valley Comic Con – Nampa, ID
      • July 13-15 – NaguCon – Helena, MT
      • July 21-23 – Gem State Gaming Con (Poss) – Boise, ID
  • Kickstarters!
    • Ocula is here and will be shipping to all backers within the next couple of days!
    • The Sideshow Collection is at the manufacturers and should arrive by the 30th of May
    • Our newest Pin, INFESTED will be live, but unfortunately, not until June! Inspired by the 90's Cult Classic TICKS, and designed by Devon, it's available in standard and Glow in the Dark versions!
  • Podcasts!
    • Robot Kraken is a little rough to record this month, so it may end up being shorter than usual, but Thom is hard at work finding a few possible guest hosts for the episode!
    • The 3D Podcasket is a lot of con reports, but Devon and I are working to find ways to do some reviews on the road as well. 
    • Unfortunately, the timestamps and notes will have to fall to the wayside for now - I just don't have time or consistent internet access to fill them out. 
  • Commissions and projects!
    • If you have purchased a commission from me, rest assured, I've not forgotten you! We've dropped a show from the schedule when I get back from Phoenix so that I have some time to catch up and start work on a few bigger projects I've been working on as well!
    • We also have some super fun projects lined up we are trying to finish in time for September shows related to our Strange and Wonderful Handmade Soaps! 
    • If you haven't already, pre-order your THING Art Book today! I have art in it, as well as literally hundreds of other artists - I've seen the book and it's easily worth double the $39.99 they are charging for pre-order. 
  • Newsletter!
    • If you have signed up for our newsletter - fear not - you haven't missed one - our first monthly installment will come out in June - it's taking us longer to find a newsletter client we like than we'd anticipated.
  • Our Shop and Etsy Sites!
    • We have reluctantly decided to go on vacation mode or reduce the offerings of our online items for the time being - Once con season is over, we'll start bringing everything back as well as some new goodies!
  • Patreon!
    • Unfortunately, our Patreon has been another casualty of the con season - for now, it's a bit on the lackluster side. We have great plans, but they're slow in appearing - Hopefully we can get it up to snuff in July and August as we prep for our big late summer and fall shows. However, if you'd like to help us out with the podcast and feeding my ravenous dogs, you can always hop over there and become a patron!  (This will also help me with dealing with the destruction of my con vehicle, the Cthulhu-Haul, which is currently in the throes of an expensive repair after a run-in with a deer after Planet Comicon.)

As always, a huge thank you to everyone for supporting me, my wife, the website and the podcasts and helping us make our mad world of indie con artists happen. 

INFESTED Enamel Pin Kickstarter is LIVE!

Robot Kraken Episode 31 - MAY - Show Notes & Timestamps

Robot Kraken Episode 31 - MAY - Show Notes & Timestamps