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AUGUST DISPATCHES - The Monthly Newsletter

AUGUST DISPATCHES - The Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first monthly newsletter! We are pretty excited about this and hope to use them as a tool to keep all of you informed about new items, upcoming appearances, promotions, sales and more! As you can see by looking below, it's been a busy month!


  • Last Month on THE PODCASKET:
    • We covered news and trailers from SDCC and reviewed horror TV, THE VOID, WONDER WOMAN and gave our con report on Walker Stalker Heroes and Villains FanFest Portland!
  • Last Month on ROBOT KRAKEN:
    • We appeased the beast on Robot Kraken by covering The EXPANSE, Mummies, Cyberpunk, Pirates and starting our weekly episode reviews of the new season of GAME OF THRONES!
  • Coming up on the podcasts:
    • We have more horror movies, a tribute to George Romero, more Game of Thrones and our usual bag of goodies!
    • If you listen to the shows, please leave us a review on iTunes – every review helps more people find us and increases our ability to keep up with regular programming! Also, if you do review us, send me an email at with your name and address and we'll send you a little thank you!
    • We are also going to be answering questions on the episodes going forward, so if you have a question about us, movies, comics, books or anything at all – email me and we'll answer it on the air!


    • Nothing new in the shops last month, but now that I've had a bit of downtime from shows, expect to see our entire line of convention goodies trickling onto the sites in the coming months before Christmas season.
    • One thing we can confirm is coming is our new version of our best-selling LUMOS NOX SWITCHPLATE COVER! We were forced to discontinue our old design after the manufacturer of our heat-treated paint went out of business, but I'm designing a new version of the plate made like our metal and vinyl Dumbledore plate! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the announcement of when that's ready for sale.
  • SALES!
    • In addition to repopulating our regular sites, we are shifting our main shop to a new server through our current site instead of Storenvy – This means better listings, an easier shopping experience and no more of Storenvy's fees! Once everything is loaded, you can find the shop through the same link on the main page at as always, but for now it's listed under “NEW STORE” on the website. Right now all that is there are our Enamel Pins, which are ALL ON SALE through the 15th of August!
    • We have decided to change some of the print and art sizes available in the shop and some pieces will be phased out for new designs or different sizes – most of those will be sold at shows and pre-christmas, so keep an eye out for our Grab Bags to get a great deal!
    • We are almost SOLD OUT of our Infinity Glove enamel pin and Ugly Mofo is SOLD OUT! Look for a sequel to that design later this year.


  • We haven't had a chance to do much promotion with our Patreon yet, but we do have one! If you'd like to help support the show and get some cool gear, you can become a patron here – Supporting us will help us do more editing and continue producing our podcasts!


    • It was FINALLY a slow month for my 2017 convention tour – I only had a small anime convention in Helena. I had to cancel my appearance at Treasure Valley Comic Con due to a scheduling mix-up.
    • I don't have too many other shows for the next couple of weeks, then our last leg of 2017 arrives hard and fast! NOTE – Magic City Monster Con was forced to postpone their show this year – I hope to be able to attend their 2018 show in October! Here's where you can see me in the next couple of months:
      • August 25-27 – Colorado Springs Comic Con – Colorado Springs, CO

        September 1-3 – Magic City Monster Con – Billing, MT

        September 8-10 – Rose City Comic Con – Portland, OR

        September 21-23 – Salt Lake Comic Con – SLC, UT

        September 29-1 – Snake River Comic Con – Pocatello, ID


    • I will have a Salt Lake Comic Con Exclusive print available, but I don't know what it will be quite yet! :)
    • We will also be debuting something soap-related at our fall shows that we are SUPER EXCITED about, and we think you will be too – especially if you like collecting our soaps.


    • I've spent most of the month finishing commissions from shows, but you will be able to find some artwork that was previously only available at shows online and we will be premiering a new line of 5x7 portraits at Colorado Springs Comic Con!
    • I am currently hard at work on the latest in my Dapper Monsters series – The Metaluna Monster. I'm also planning a new Dapper Hollows print, some colored versions of old favorites and a poster featuring a certain interplanetary GATE.


    • All of our past projects should be fully filled and delivered, and most are listed in the shop now! We do have a limited selection of our complete Sideshow Sets, so if you want one of them, get in on that soon.
    • Our TICKS Inspired “INFESTED” pin is finished in the next day or two and it's already completed and on it's way to us, so those rewards will be ready to ship as soon as the funding arrives!
    • You can get in on the project HERE!
    • What's next on the Kickstarter frontier? I have a new pin designed, based on our DapperKins Horror ABCs book, we are planning and prepping a special Holiday Kickstarter and a few other fun things!


    • As always you can find most of my novels in paperback and e-book form on Amazon by searching for Kris McClanahan or Neal Kristopher.
    • You can also find my work in the OFFICIAL THING ARTBOOK by Printed In Blood! 
      • My piece ends the book back by John Carpenter's afterword and I'm incredibly honored to be a part of such a striking collection of art! (It's also a GREAT deal!)
    • I am hard at work on finishing the edits on a novel that I started writing quite some time ago – GRAVES is the first installment in a 2-part zombie survival horror series that takes place over the course of one night in a drug store in Missoula Montana and I'm quite excited for it to FINALLY be coming out! Look for announcements about GRAVES on all of my social media when it's official!
    • I'm also the new Cover Artist on ENIGMA y TJ Damon over at Quad M Comics - I'll be taking over with Issue 5 and I'm super excited to share the covers once they are ready!
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