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3D Podcasket Episode 89 - Show Notes and Timestamps

3D Podcasket Episode 89 - Show Notes and Timestamps

Delayed, but still shambling your way - the new episode of The Podcasket is here! We decided to continue thinking about Horror Master George Romero and the influence he left on the genre by watching a movie from each end of his filmography - DIARY OF THE DEAD and MARTIN. We also cover news, Picks and more!

Below are our timestamps for the assorted segments, some comments, links, videos and other fun stuff. 

As always, you can stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunesStitcher and Google Play!


  • 0:00 - INTRO & DRINK CHECK
    • We drank an EVEN MORE JESUS this week, a surprisingly smooth and delicious 12% stout. 
  • 0:05 - THIS JUST IN!
    • In the news we cover the new Stranger Things and Star Trek Discovery trailers, Predator, the Suspiria remake, the death of June Foray and Shin Godzilla.
  • 0:21 - SHALLOW GRAVE Q&A's
    • We answer your questions! This week we tell you what we are wearing, answer a superhero showdown, what current movies will be considered classics in the future and i talk about my haunted mask.
    • If you'd like to ask us a question for a future episode, EMAIL ME or send me your question on any of the social media sites! 
  • 0:30 - REVIEWS
    • 0:30 - DIARY OF THE DEAD
      • We did not love this found footage stinker from 2007, though we did discover a few surprising facts about our history with the film and appreciated a few things he was doing with it. No real spoilers in the review.
      • K:1/8 D:1/8
    • 0:47 - MARTIN
      • A much better time was had watching this "Vampire" movie from Romero from 1978. There may be some spoilers from the movie in the discussion.
      • K:8/8 D:8/8
  • 1:16 - PICKS OF THE POD!
    • Devon - The new vinyl single from TROUBLE
    • Kris - The Zombie pin from Cavity Colors with Spinning Eye Worms!
    • Devon discusses his need to start making a list of items he orders to prevent seconds and thirds of items.

We'll See You Next Wednesday!

That was our show! And now - videos and trailers that might correspond to the show in some way! 

An update on our Social Media Accounts and Podcasts

An update on our Social Media Accounts and Podcasts

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AUGUST DISPATCHES - The Monthly Newsletter