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Robot Kraken Episode minus 1-2 - Holy MEH Trailer, Batman!


On this Episode of Robot Kraken, Kris and Thom debate the merits of the Batman vs Superman Movie trailer and get more enthusiastic about the Captain America trailer. We also discuss - Star Wars - Old Man Palates - Whiskey - The Mainstreaming of Geek Culture - Christmas Toys and Traditions and our favorite Christmas Toys as kids.

NOTE: This is a re-release of an episode of Deeply Dapper Dispatches, exposing Robot Kraken's formative months before breaking off to it's own mad podcast. It was originally recorded on December, 2015 and released as episode 011 of 3D - You can find the rest of that show, featuring Kris and his rotating band of co-hosts on iTunes or at 

ROBOT KRAKEN is a semi regular podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at

Robot Kraken Episode Minus 1-3 - It's BB-Great!

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